Brussels Airport takes off with reopened Skyport flexspace


Brussels Airport takes off with reopened Skyport flexspace

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Doing business in Brussels is easier than ever with Regus


As anyone who travels for business will know, what sounds like an exciting way to make a living on paper can often be draining, inefficient and time-consuming in reality. Meeting far-flung clients and colleagues in the flesh rather than over a glitchy conference call can do wonders for working relationships, but spending an extended amount of time out of the office and away from the infrastructure you need to work productively only leads to anguish back at base: overflowing inboxes, paperwork backlogs and unanswered queries do not make for a happy working environment.

It’s for these reasons that you might find yourself searching for somewhere to catch up for a few hours in between transit – somewhere you can plug in your devices, take stock of the day, and concentrate in comfort. Of course, airport lounges and hotel business lounges offer some respite but they’re often ill-equipped for accomplishing tasks in the most efficient manner. An airport lounge admits all-comers, making it hard to focus next to a party of four clinking glasses en route to a holiday. And hotel business lounges tend to be a cursory affair, with a couple of makeshift workspaces that lack the vital components you need to get things done.

Brussels Airport takes off with reopened Skyport flexspace

Thankfully, this is no longer a problem for those travelling through Brussels Airport in Belgium, where the Regus Skyport has recently reopened. As the only facility with meeting rooms on the landside of the airport (as opposed to airside, which would involve clearing passport and security controls), it’s ideal for business travellers connecting to other flights and as a place for colleagues from different corners of the globe to converge without any stress.

“We offer ten state-of-the-art meeting rooms, a bright and colourful co-working area with business lounge, and two-day offices,” says Vonny Smedts, who works for Regus parent company IWG as Community Manager – Meetings Belgium. As well as top-notch working facilities, the Skyport has also become somewhere to relax and revive before the next appointment. “We now also offer a shower for businesspeople who’d like to refresh themselves before and after their meetings,” she adds.

The airport location comes with other benefits too. “It facilitates meetings with clients from abroad without them having to face the traffic congestion in Brussels,” she says – something that’s only likely to increase as diplomats and officials converge on the city’s Berlaymont building while the UK untangles itself from the EU. “Their Belgian clients and customers can reach the airport by car or various public transportation – and we are just one floor above the departure hall, away from all the hassle, in a very professional and tranquil area.”

With meeting rooms of this calibre, and a range of payment plans including pay-as-you-go and monthly options, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are finding that there’s no need to consider costly fixed space when you’re looking for a professional set-up for your team – in Brussels or elsewhere. From phone booth to meeting room, the benefits of being able to drop into a space that you can treat as an extension of your home office are many – not least among them the luxury of being absolved from time-consuming maintenance issues, which are the last thing you want to think about when there’s a deal to be done or a last-minute pitch prepared.

As an added benefit, the Skyport’s well-designed shared spaces tend to attract other forward-thinking entrepreneurs, helping to give it a quietly dynamic atmosphere. And the icing on the cake? “We have a professional and super-friendly centre team who always go the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied,” Smedts says – with a smile, naturally.


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